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I'm Lauren

A UX Designer who thrives on discovery and human engagement. Understanding problems and translating insights into purposeful, user-centric solutions is where I shine.


UX Design: Case Studies

Davis Squared E-Commerce Site

Hypothetical design of an e-commerce platform to seamlessly integrate into the Davis Squared store existing website. I was the sole designer on this 2 week long class project.


The scope of work included: user and business research, competitive analysis, ideation, information architecture, sketching and wireframing, prototyping, usability testing and design iteration.

UX/UI Design
MLB Ballpark_Homepgb4after.png
MLB Ballpark_Soxpgb4after.png
Major League Baseball Ballpark App

Hypothetical redesign and hi-fidelity prototype for information architecture / interface redesign, including feature add-ons to this existing app. I was part of a 3-person team on this 2 week long class project.


The scope of work included: Research and synthesis, heuristic evaluation/analysis, ideation, information architecture, sketching, wireframing, usability testing, UI development for hi-fidelity mockup, and prototyping with InVision. 

Full case study coming soon!
Dashboard Progress report full.png
Learning Seeds Micro-course

Worked for an EdTech startup to develop an online micro-course as part of a 4-person team during this 3 week long class project.


The scope of work included: Research and data synthesis, ideation, content management, wireframing, mid-fi prototype and hi-fi mockups.

Full case study coming soon!
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